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Welcome to The Norwood Montessori School


2060 Sherman Avenue
Norwood, Ohio 45212

We have expanded to include preschool through third grade!

513-924-2799 Office 

8:30AM - 3:30PM Office Hours

8:35AM - 3:20PM School Hours First Grade

8:35AM - 3:10PM School Hours Kindergarten

8:30AM - 11:15AM Morning Preschool

12:30AM - 3:15PM Afternoon Preschool




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TNMS School News

The Norwood Montessori School Rising Star Anderson Alsip

It is with great pride and pleasure that The Norwood Montessori School announces Anderson Alsip as our May Rising Star! As a first grader, Anderson's love for learning exudes from the moment he enters the classroom as he gets right to work, trying to complete all of his work for the day.  He also loves researching and can be found deep in concentration on topics that interest him like animals, space, and his favorite..... dinosaurs

April rising Star Salem Shaw

This month, our Kindergarten Rising Star is Salem Shaw.  She is a shining example of a Pax Leader at The Norwood Montessori School, exemplifying our three school rules: taking care of ourselves, all living things, and the environment.

March Rising Star Connor Garn

The Norwood Montessori School is proud to announce that Connor Garn is our second grade Rising Star.  Connor exemplifies what it means to be a Montessorian- taking care of himself, all living things, and our environment. One way Connor takes care of himself is by attending to his work each day.  He has been working hard to complete his work and practicing his skills daily.

February Rising Star Alexis Corwell

It is with great pride and pleasure that The Norwood Montessori School recognizes Alexis Corwell as our Rising Star for the month of January!  Alexis exudes what it means to be a Montessorian and lives up to our three Peace Promises by taking care of herself, all living things, and our environment

January Rising Star Clara More

The Norwood Montessori School is proud to present Clara More as their Rising Star. Clara’s work ethic and kind heart can be seen all throughout her day at The Norwood Montessori School. Clara is a great role model for others. She is always so eager to help others when needed. Clara enters the classroom, finds her workspace, chooses appropriate works, and begins completing assignments.